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Civil War gifts - custom

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A sensitive and unique collection of fine gifts and accessories that will be introduced in January 2011, with the beginning of the five-year sesquicentennial.

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Download or print our Voices of the Civil War flyer in PDF format.

Civil War gifts flyer

Image of Sojourner TruthTHE HUMAN STORIES

From the words of Sojourner Truth, John Brown and Ulysses S. Grant, to fine engravings of Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and “Stonewall” Jackson, the words and images will come alive in the series.

Together, the series will provide sensitive reflections on the hardships, the courage, and the voices for change that still resound 150 years later in the American experience.


Civil War gifts - custom and semi-customThe collection will include a group of items featuring images of land and naval battle scenes to which we will add the name of your local Civil War action, the name of your town, or local re-enactor groups. It presents a unique opportunity to participate in sesquicentennial products without committing to large inventories of custom products.

Civil War soldier bronze

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