• Typical activities in a 2-3 Create Crate - Art - Take Family Pictures Make a Comic Strip Windsock Language Arts - Put a Poem to Music Write a Letter Proofread a story STEM - Make a Bird feeder Leaf Rubbing Make a Parachute Physical Education - Recycled Gallon Catcher Broom Hockey Dancing Life Skills - Cursive Writing Sort Laundry Resolving Conflict
  • Typical activities in a 4-5 Create Crate - Art - Make a Dream Catcher Origami Frog Chenille Figures Language Arts - Homophone Count Story Block Activity Photojournalism STEM - Pop Corn Balls Star Gaze Make a Bird house Physical Education - Frisbee Golf Bottle Bowling Dancing Life Skills - Meal Planning Goal Setting Basic First Aid
  • Typical activities in a K-1 Create Crate - Art - Leafy Creatures Paper Flowers Picture a Day Journal Reading - Nursery Rhyme Activities Make a Treasure Map Read to someone in your family STEM - Make Playdough Nature Hunt Activities Identify some Birds in your Yard Physical Education - Jump Rope Rhymes Balancing Exercises Dancing Life Skills - Learn to set the table Read a Map Closet Cleaning
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